Play & Creative Arts Therapy

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Family and children services

One to one play and creative arts therapy
Working 1 to 1, in person, with children aged 3 to 12 years of age. On average, an episode of therapy is approximately 14 - 18 sessions (meeting once a week). Sometimes it may be less or possibly more, depending on changes in circumstances.

A Pre and Post parent consultation is required with a reviews at around 7 weeks.

Working directly for parents can only be facilitated via school providing a suitable room.

For parents, therapeutic telephone support services:

For parents in need of confidential emotional support
Regarding mild to moderate worries about their child. This service is not on condition of the child being in therapy. This consultation service can be used for general advise on behaviours and is an opportunity to reflect on experiences together and if applicable, look at exploring possible strategies or interventions to support the emotional well-being of both parent and child.

This can come in the form of a one off session or more, what ever is required.

Parental / Carer CONSENT must be obtained before therapy commences.

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Therapeutic stories and poems:

My own therapy: The owl and the pussy cat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat...

The Holistic Spirit Cat
In the Land of Dreams, an old cat is sleeping...
She's dreaming of children all soulful & weeping,

The owl, her wisdom, her feathery winged rock,
On him she can rely on, no need for a clock,

With Mother Nature, men & other humankind,
She dreams of a world which is loving & kind.

Will you make a wish with her on a moon lit star?
Instead of dreaming about fame and a Tesla car...

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