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Referral reasons

Children who experience unfavourable personal issues will often act out, expressing their unconscious thoughts and feeling through difficult or inappropriate behaviour. It is often hard for Parents to help children who may be unwilling or unable to find the words to discuss their problems. Play therapy is thought to be one of the most beneficial ways of helping children with behaviour or emotional challenges.

Referral reasons may include:

Absent parent
Adoption or fostering issues
Angry outbursts, quarrelling with peers / family
Autism - mild - moderate
Bereavement or loss
Bullying, being bullied or is bullying others
Communication difficulties
Depression, sadness, tearfulness
Domestic violence witness
Difficulties with social skills
Displaying inappropriate behaviour
Exclusion risk
Eating difficulties
Emotional & behavioural problems
Finding it difficult to make friends
Illness - within the family and of the client
Low self-esteem / confidence
Mood swings
Nightmares or sleeping difficulties
Physical disabilities
Sensory processing difficulties
Separated / divorced
Withdrawn personality, isolation

Referral and consent forms

If you wish to make a referral please request a Referral Form by email from the Contact page. Upon reviewing the information, we can discuss the way forward and if appropriate make arrangements for a parental / carer assessment consultation. The Consent Form must be signed before therapy can begin.

Please note I am the only person that checks my email, your confidentiality is very important to me.

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